The name ComMaat refers to Computerprogrammes and CustomMade, and that is exactly what we do.
Since 1992 we produce custommade software and computer courses and also offer advice on computer related purchasing and support/management decisions.


Throughout its history, ComMaat has designed custom made applications and databases. Initially based in Microsoft Access and the programming language of Visual Basic, but in the last few years it has also been based MSSQL and the language C#.

For various customers we have designed , among other things, databases for collection management, post regsitration, address management, student administration, property management, cemetery management, etc.

Meanwhile we are focussing more and more on access via the cloud. Galemus collection management, course/student management and apartment management are now available for use in the cloud.

Our goal is to design applications that can be used on all devices (mobile phone, tablet and computer) and with different systems.

All applications have a free test version.