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#TODO#_ComMaat stands for Computer customization. < br/> since 1992 we design and manage applications and databases. In addition, we provide courses and offer advice when you buy and support/management after buying hardware and software.



been appplicaties and ComMaat develops customized databases. Initially based on Microsoft Access and the Visual Basic programming language. But in recent years also many based on MSSQL and the c # language. We designed for various customers including databases for collection management, post registration, address management, cursistenadmininstratie, property management, cemeteries, etc. We are now more and more to the focus on unlocking via the cloud. < br/> Galemus collection management, as well as the course/students-and the appartementbeheerprogramma are already suitable for use in the cloud. Our future goal is all < br/> applications so to design them on all devices (mobile phone, tablet and computer) and with miscellaneous systems (PC-MAC) to use


all our applications are free trial versions available.



ComMaat gives various courses based on Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office and/or the Galemus collection management program. < br/> you can choose from the following courses:

  • Windows PC orientation orientation
  • Access
  • Access beginners advanced SQL query design
  • Access Visual Basic collection management Database design/
  • Word
  • Word beginners advanced standardization
  • Office Word mailmerge beginners advanced Office

you follow a course alone or with colleagues. This can be done at your home, at work or in the academic center where ComMaat uses it. < br/> works primarily with private ComMaat course materials. In addition to theory contains training

always much practice exercises.

#TODO#_Computer support


ComMaat offers advice on purchasing and support/management after buying your ICT equipment and software. You can contact us for a single computer (stand-alone) as for small computer networks (up to 50 computers).

some possibilities:

  • advice by buying your ICT equipment and software (ComMaat does not sell itself the equipment)
  • custom
  • Office (with bv custom templates) addresses, relationship or object management using Word, Outlook and/or Access (database design, mailmerge)
  • database design (SQL) and
  • management
  • "in company" courses Word, Excel, Access, Office and Windows (individually or together with colleagues)
  • construction/management of a computer network (including the internet and email on all workstations) anti-virus
  • , anti-spy and anti-spam measures
  • secure access to your data with smartphone, tablet or computer

We value an individual approach (customised), where we (often cheaper)

standard solutions do not.

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#TODO#_ComMaat < br/> Zoutkeetsgracht 240 < br/> LC Amsterdam 1013 < br/> < abbr title = "telephone" > t: + 31 (0) 20 4286391 < br/> < abbr title = "Fax" > f: + 31 (0) 20 4286397 < br/> < script type = "text/javascript" >
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